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Web Design in Nepal

Web design is the crucial factor during the development of a website that directly points to the user’s impression and interaction with your website. Prabhu Soft is full-fledged web design agency from Nepal working as a core web design company for a long time creating beautiful websites that have high engaging value. We use the latest technology and method like bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, etc. for designing attractive websites that ultimately boost your rank in search engines.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.-Neville Brody“

All web design process is unique in itself as we have the motto of “not creating just a website –create a business “. To understand the specific design we analyze business and adopt a design strategy that gives business high lead and conversion value.

Our web design includes:

Prabhu Soft provides custom website solutions that has a compelling user experience which enhances your overall marketing goals and brand identity.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Usability and Competition Analysis
  • Information Architecture Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Content Strategy
  • SEO Friendly Coding
  • CMS ( Wordpress ) and e-Commerce Integration
  • Cross Browser and Platform Testing
  • Maintenance

Free Bundles

  • Web Hosting

    We provide free web hosting for our clients and we make sure that the website should have litespeed exprience

  • Basic SEO

    With website design we provide 1 hour of free SEO works that covers sitemap generation,console submission

  • Technical Support

    We offer free one year technical support on every web project

Web Development in Nepal

Web or World Wide Web (www) is the part of the internet which contains websites, webpages and web Application. Web Development is the process of developing your business, blogs, and ideas into a website and webpage. Examples and applications of Web Development are CMS (Content Management System), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), youtube, e-commerce (Amazon, Flipkart), etc.

Prabhu Soft is leading web development company in Nepal and we cover the area like Customer management system (CMS), POS (smart billing system), Record Keeping & calculation, billing, inventory management system, School management system, Hotel Management system, Libary Management System, e-commerce website, travel or trekking website development in Nepal.

We also provide web development services like Custom Wordpress Theme development, Trekking Website Design in Nepal,Magento Templates Development, Woocommerce Solution, etc and making sure that all the projects are errorless and search engine friendly.

Our Web Development Specialization

We are a professional web designing company in Nepal that provides an overall solution for your project and we take all the precautions and use our custom-built development techniques to enhances the overall security of web projects.
We also provide wordpress hosting in nepal service specially designed by professional that suits our coding environment and we regularly monitor security.

  • Travel/Trekking Website
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • School/College Website
  • News Portal Website
  • NGO Website Design
  • Consultancy Website Design
  • Radio Website Design & etc
  • 1. Why to make a website?

    Making a website can bring your idea to the public. Bringing your idea into a public may get a new face by getting a comment from the public which makes you a raw idea to better and sharp idea. If you want to share your idea to the world then website, a blog is the best place. A website and blog can make you a public figure.

  • 2. Why to build my business website?

    Nowadays most of the people spent their time on website and the internet. Internet is one of the basic needs of people. Customer buys any things by checking the review of the product on website and webpages. So bringing your business on the website will advertise your business and your business are known to the world. You may attract customer and your business is online 24 hrs. which grows your business 2 times faster.

  • 3.Why to make a web application?

    Web application are similar to the mobile application. It can be made responsive which means your single web application will behave according to the system you use like mobile, tab and desktop. One app is for all systems. The web application can be made progressive.The web application makes your day to day work much easier and faster. Your business working with several manpower can be handled by single manpower. It makes your business more secure and accurate. Brings your complex business into a single dashboard.

Web Consulting Service

Prabhu Soft Pvt Ltd is Nepal based consulting partner for AWS Consulting Partner(AWS) , Digital Ocean (DO) ,and Google Cloud Platform. We have also another separate firm " Prabhu Host " for providing web hosting in nepal services for small business.We also provide managed web hosting for Amazon Cloud ,Digital Ocean and Google Cloud. We are also partner with Google, Microsoft, Alibaba and Digital Ocean. Prabhu Soft’s core technical team resides in Nepal and provides consultancy and support worldwide for Cloud Solution.

Time to move on Cloud

We provide cloud hosting in nepal and provides you the best web solution for your business

  • Managed Amazon Cloud
  • Managed Digital Ocean
  • Managed Azure
  • Managed Google Cloud

Outsourcing to Prabhu Soft

Prabhu Soft team of higly professional ethic holder and experience designer that fulfill your requirement on time.We have worked for many clients in the nation and abroad with 100% satisfaction and result driven action.Most of clients find us as cost efficient agency without compromising the quality of any project.We are the group of enthusiastic developer that puts passion and effort to give you best outcome in limited time and resources.

All our designer are inhouse and full timer and ready to help you 24/7 . We donot simply outsource the project but provide you all technical help from chat , email and remote destop softwares like Teamviewer.

Why to choose us

Most of the company need outsourcing because hiring developer full-time kills your pocket and if you need we do have full time dedicated support for your company in affordable cost.We always keep our time schedule so smooth that we can delivery your project on time.

  • Cost Effective
  • Delivery on Time
  • Regular Contact
  • Unlimited revision
  • Inhouse Developer

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing is new trend of promoting brand ,business ,product or service using the power of digital platform.The digital platform may be facebook ,youtube ,google ,email etc In todays context , world around us is growing rapidly on digital platform and it will not going to decrease or die soon but it will increase ups and bounds .

Prabhu Soft understand the need of digital marketing and best possible ways to use the power of digital space to reach your costumers and change them into lead.

Get Faster & Better Results

The businesses which are using digital marketing can measure the conversion rate through the real-time system and it is fastest means of marketing.By using digital marketing, you can retarget potential client that has seen your product but not coverted yet.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Google Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Retargeting

Search Engine Optimization in Nepal

Prabhu Soft performs advanced technique for search engine optimization in Nepal that ultimately loved by popular search engine like google , yahoo ,bing,yandex etc. We use technique that helps you to achieve good ranking for long time and relevant to users that increase lead to your business and gives value to the users too.Since the search engine algorithm is changing frequently so same technique cannot be used for all business model but basic things we focus is content , keyword research ,backlink relevancy and user interaction.

SEO is the process of optimizing your company website in such a way that your business/brand appears on the relevant position of search results whenever a user(buyers) searches some terms (keywords) related to your business or services that increases sales and lead to your business.

Time to be on #1 Page of Search Engine

Prabhu Soft is ready to bring your business to the next level by using the leverage of search engines

  • Audience & Keyword Research
  • Competitor’s Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building Strategy