How to build blog free for lifetime? ( 3 Steps )

March 26th, 2020

How to build blog free for lifetime? ( 3 Steps )

Yes, you heard it is right! You can build blog free for lifetime for your personal and company. If you won’t believe read the full blog and I guarantee you will build a website even you do not have advance technical knowledge.

If you are still thinking why should I build website for my personal purpose or company then you must know that time is changing so fast and people are becoming smarter day by day and around changing circumstances you must cope. For any business, the website has become a part of communication and brand that creates a good impression on your client and helps to communicate with your target audience.

A company website tells everything about that company from the area of operation , its specialization and modes of communication and the same for personal branding.

Let me explain the steps to build Website/Blog in simple 3 steps:

In this blog, I will explain about .np domain registration and connecting .np domain to the blogger that is free and hosted on the google cloud platform and if you already have an idea about this you can skip this blog to step 3 but after that, you may find some interesting stuff to read.

For setting up a website , you need a domain, web hosting platform and design and I will explain all the steps to set up fully functional website/blog free.

Step1: Registering Domain

If you are Nepali citizen then be happy ,you can register for free .np domain for your blog. Nepal Government under collaboration with Merchantile Communication is providing free .np domain for personal and business works. To register .np domain,you only need citizenship of your own.

Read all process to register .np domain for personal and company

Step 2: DNS Provider

After successfully registering .np domain, now you need Domain Name Service (DNS) provider to point the domain to hosting (space where you store your files). You can choose any hosting provider around the world but for Nepalese, I suggest Prabhu Host fairly speaking that our partner company but to buy hosting all the company charges since this blog is “titled free” so I need to focus on free DNS provider. Free DNS providers are Cloudfare and and I suggest going with Cloudflare which has the fastest DNS propagation around the globe. Prabhu Host also provide domain registration in nepal with DNS free on every domain .

Read the steps to connect .np domain with blogger

Step3: Setting up on Blogger


After adding CNAME records on Cloudflare wait for some hours to propagate and try to add custom domain in blogger under general setting and you are done.

  • What about design?

Since blogger has limited functionality so you cannot do the latest technology implementation but you can create a somehow better blog by using the templates available on the internet.

  • Where should I find blogger templates?

Blogger has some free templates on its platform even though you can download some beautiful templates from providers like, etc.


Some of the common thing that I suggest  while starting a blog with np domain are :

  • Do .np ccTLD affect the Search Engine Ranking

Yes .np affect the search engine ranking because ccTLD is vested to nations and google may find website/blog more useful for same nation traffic. Here is the MOZ speaking on this (Link )

If you haven’t feel bored continue reading this blog where i have reviewed about choosing Blogger Vs WordPress

Before starting a blog, it is necessary to determine what you want to do with your blog. Based on your requirements you will be able to decide whether Blogger is better for you or WordPress. It is time-consuming and requires lots of effort to start and make your blog visible on the web.

Blogger and WordPress are two major platforms for blogging. Both of them have some pros and cons. They both offer free templates or themes to start a blog.


Blogger was created by Pyra Labs in 1999 as the first user-friendly interface for bloggers. It is currently owned by Google which gives lots of benefits. Blogger has built-in features like Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You can apply for Google Adsense easily using Blogger’s Blog and set up Google Analytics easily from settings.

It is a free platform for blogging, having a step to step instructions which makes it user-friendly. It is easy to set up and requires almost no knowledge of coding. It is the best platform for beginners. It has a very high up-time. This platform is down for no-time. It offers user-friendly URLs, with SEO tools built-in. If you own a domain and want it to get on the web with no hosting expenses get it redirected to blogger and set it up on blogger to get maximum uptime for your blog.


WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform. You will need to get a domain and a cloud hosting to set up a WordPress blog. It runs on MySQL & PHP. It gives more control to uses on their blog. It also has a user-friendly interface to post and manage blog after you have set up it on your hosting server.

It is for advanced blogging for advanced users and requires some coding and knowledge of the internet and blogging before you start your blog. It has a giant number of plugins that can do lots of magic on your blog. You can set up Adsense and other advertising networks using plugins and codes provided by them. It offers a more user-friendly URL.

Determining Blogging Platform:

The primary thing that decides your blogging platform is your budget and secondly, your knowledge.

If you have a low budget or no budget at all with limited blogging knowledge you need to go for Blogger as it is free and user-friendly.

If you have enough budget you can go for WordPress since 14.7% of the total website in the world has been using WordPress platform since it is more SEO friendly and has lots of tools for every task to complete and equally suitable for both beginner’s and professionals.