Facebook Marketing in Nepal

April 8th, 2020

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook Marketing / Boosting is a great way to reach your customers by leveraging the power of the Facebook advertising network. Facebook Marketing offers excellent opportunities for marketers to impress on existing and prospective customers, boost brand value and retarget potential customers.

Facebook as an advertising platform has a lot of scope for Nepalese business to grow in the competitive market. Facebook is becoming a popular platform for advertising in Nepal and the response of customers is fantastic and lead generation from facebook ad is also satisfactory.

Prabhu Soft has been providing facebook marketing to clients from starting and we have got amazing feedback from client’s advertisement campaigns. Facebook boosting is feasible to every level of a startup from brand building, generating leads and converting them into sales.

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook Remarketing :

Facebook remarketing is the great option to retarget the potential customer who already visited your website,  likes your facebook page, attained your event, etc.

The users may change into a customer by the retargeting products that he might interested on and this can be possible with the facebook retargeting campaign.

Since Facebook ads is the second-largest ad network in the world after google ads, using the platform you can build brand with very low cost per click (CPC).


Business where  Facebook Marketing employs ?

It is crucial for any business to have a website to running the Facebook campaign because the website can be used to track the potential customer using facebook pixel and retargeting the same traffic for the future ad campaign that turns amazing and conversion rate is also high than the usual facebook marketing campaign. Telling that, it is not essential to have a website for facebook marketing, there are inbuilt features inside facebook ads manager where you can set facebook campaign without having a proper website but building brands we recommend to have a proper website.

Some brands where facebook ads can creates huge impacts are :

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Consultancy
  • Restaurants
  • Educational Firms
  • Lawyers
  • Services oriented Business
  • Information Tech Industry
  • cloud hosting in nepal