Web Development in Nepal

March 17th, 2020

Web Development in Nepal

Web or World Wide Web (www) is the part of the internet which contains websites, webpages and web Application. Web Development is the process of developing your business, blogs, and ideas into a website and webpage. Examples and applications of Web Development are CMS (Content Management System), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), youtube, e-commerce (Amazon, Flipkart), etc.


Prabhu Soft is leading web development company in Nepal and we cover the area like Customer management system (CMS), POS (smart billing system), Record Keeping & calculation, billing, inventory management system, School management system, Hotel Management system, Libary Management System, e-commerce website, travel or trekking website development in Nepal.

We also provide web development services like Custom WordPress Theme development, Trekking Website Design in Nepal, Magento Templates Development, Woocommerce Solution, etc and making sure that all the projects are errorless and search engine friendly.

web development nepal

Our web design includes:

Travel/Trekking Website

Ecommerce Solution

School/College Website

News Portal Website

NGO Website Design

Consultancy Website Design

Radio Website Design & etc