News Portal Website Development In Nepal

August 2nd, 2020

News Portal Website Development In Nepal

Google made over $4.7B from the news industry in 2019 according to recent stats.

People in this generation have almost stopped watching the news on television and other kinds of stuff.

People love to read the news on websites rather than TV.  The one solid reason for it is because websites give mins news as important as it is and they can stop reading whenever they want.

Who doesn’t want to get updated with the recent happenings around the world?

You may not? If we are right.

In today’s generation, nobody has got enough time to sit and watch the news on television all-day.

Nepal has started growing in digital day-by-day( it was from before only.) But today its more 5x faster.

Digital media has become a great source of educating and informing people.

If you can see more than 3.50B of people are using a mobile device and other rest which means every smartphone people read news based on the country.

Mobile phone users can easily access the news anytime, anywhere.

Isn’t it?

Prabhu soft is a leading website development, application, the etc. industry in Nepal with years of experience.

Prabhu soft has completed lots of projects for news web development sites. 

Here are the few news sites Prabhu soft has developed for big markets and, F.M radios, etc.

Prabh soft has been working in news website development for years in Nepal and has a large passion for developing news websites for you.

Here are the few news sites Prabhu soft has developed for big markets and, F.M radios, etc.

Prabh soft has been working in news website development for years in Nepal and has a large passion for developing news websites for you.

If you are searching for the affordable and best company to develop your news portal website at a good price then you are on the right page.

We have a professional news portal website designer for your news websites only.

Prabhu soft offers news channel website design and online newspaper website solutions, Fm Radios for newspapers, media. 

We also create mobile-based applications for your brand purpose for the long term and also mobile optimized.

We also create a separate mobile-based application that can have login//create account features, UI/UX, dashboard, real-time changes connected to your site.

What’s better than that? ( having mobile-optimized😃  news portal website design).

What Types of  News Portal  Websites Development and design Prabhu soft do?


We design various types of news development no matters how hard it is. We always have been fulfilling the clints says and satisfaction.

These are the news portal development. We have completed more than 130+ news website development in our country.

  • Online Newspaper website
  • FM. RADIOS News portal development
  • News channel industry
  • Freelancer
  • Journalist
  • Sports 
  • Food
  • Entertainment 
  • News blogs
  • Broadcast news

Much more you can drop your question on these numbers or mail us.

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +977 9800932962 


Why News Portal Website Development Is Very Important In  Nepal?


Day-by-day Nepal is transforming into a digital area and the world is being far better than that.

Newspaper and online media industries are growing 10x times far faster than before after lockdown.

The offline paper newspaper has been stopped crafting due to it, the rise of news learners has rapid growth in Nepal and in the world.

This is the perfect time to start a news portal website , e-commerce website and let us design our websites that look unique and mobile optimized and speedy.

When you read the news, it often triggers some responses, including memories and strong emotions from the brain. 

News can travel through different communication media which cant be seen.related to a different subject, market trends.

The news portal is something you don’t have to worry about your company and brand. likewise, other brands will mail your for ads implement,

Which means you also can make money with your sites.

What are you waiting for – invest money – get far 50x better profit lifetime?

Hier our team us and see the magic of your site.

The news portal website is one of the growing media in Nepal that are having much profit.

News sites give all the information in the same place so you do not have to move from one site to site from the topic.

You can find it with categories, tags, and search boxes.

Frequently nations have an expansive degree of separation and now and again varying time regions. 

Having a national news center can permit individuals to increase the feeling of a national point of view. 

This is especially critical for nations that have various scope of populace focuses, for example, urban areas or towns.

 For instance, huge urban areas a large number of kilometers separated may even now depend on one another for exchange or assets of monetary noteworthiness. 

This was the solid reason to start your own news sites in Nepal developed by one of the leading website developers in our country.

Local newspapers might be stoped from crafting due to a pandemic situation and from that, all the local newspapers have already started their own news portal websites developed by us.

Not necessary there are some local newspapers who have both websites and sharing newspapers.

Simple –  Paper magazine online news portal = lots of money and brand and ads.


Why Choose Prabhu Soft For News Portal  Website Development In Nepal?

Prabhu soft has been designing lots of websites, applications, blogs, news portal sites etc.

We have designed lots of projects but these 3 are the most demanded projects we have done in these days.

We design the best and unique news portal website features for your entire business and also for Mobile applications.

We have our own people who are specially hired to develop news sites for you so that you will feel comfortable with 100% satisfaction.

We especially create news portal websites on the latest technology with high server hosting such as Javascript, CSS, J-QUERY, and much more.

We structure sites tat are web crawler amicable, responsive, and innovative in nature. 

Our dynamic CMS sites accompany all our organization’s oversee board that encourages you to deal with your substance and site in present with less exertion. 

We additionally offer one rooftop answer for your web presence necessities. We likewise offer web consultancy, web structuring, overhauling of available sites. 

As a news and media site planning organization in Nepal, we are staggeringly financially savvy and convey our web structuring ventures at an offered time to our clients. 

Prabhu soft is one the best news portal website designing company based for the whole city, we also have our own Nepal biggest hosting company which we give a year free hosting for our clients.

What Important Features You Will Get In the News portal website Developed  From Prabhu Soft?

We give tons of features to our news portal clients as we have a passion for designing websites, applications, digital marketing, SEO, etc.

These are the top features you will get from Prabhu soft you want to develop your site with us.

  1. News Management with our CMS
  2. Facebook Instant Article 
  3. Author Management
  4. Profile database
  5. Live Ads On Features ( Live FM radio broadcast)
  6. Unique design
  7. Ads Management
  8. News Tv Channel
  9. Custom Layout
  10. Article Management
  11. Breaking News
  13. Colors Mathced websites
  14. Logo
  15. Easy to use for readers


We have also tons of features for more contact us-

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +977 9800932962 

What are you waiting for ( call us and enjoy your news portal site in a few days, try it).


  1. News Management with our CMS -: 

You can manage your news easily without have technical knowledge. You can add any tags, categories etc for your article news.


  1. Facebook Instant Article

We especially create such engines that you do not have to share your article one by one. Our news portal website development in Nepal comes with unique features called Facebook instant articles.

This will especially help you to share your articles on Facebook easily no need to go on Facebook for every share.

This helps you to manage news articles easily and connect you with the Facebook instant article system.

Author Management

You can easily manage your news article author by a single click.  Manage your news author and also you will have access to know how many words, and articles they have written till the date.

Profile Data-base

You can easily create and trash the database without losing any news article and also you will have options to remove those articles written by the authors.

Live Ads-ons Features like FM radios

If you are running any companies and FM radios and other broadcasts beyond news companies. We can easily add live features to your websites. 

You can easily broadcast any news, advertise with an audio box and you will earn more from it without costing you double.

All you have to do is connect with us and your news portal site will be ready as per your queries.



What Other News Portal Website  Development  Prabhu Soft Designs?

We design every website as we have different developers for different stuff. For news sites, we have only news developers and for other same as news one.

We designs

  • Food News Websites
  • FM radios Websites
  • Magazine Websites
  • News channel industry
  • Freelancer
  • Journalist
  • Sports 
  • Food
  • Entertainment 
  • News blogs

Etc much more as per your query we will design it.


FAQ: News Portal Websites Development

Q1. Is Prabhu Soft The Best Web Company for news portal website Development?

Ans-  Yes Prabhu soft is one of the leading website development companies in Nepal regarding News portal development.

Q2. How Much Price Does It Cost For News Portal  Websites In Nepal from Prabhu soft?

Ans- Pretty less , starting from Rs 25000 giving all the high features based On your budget 



Prabhusoft designs all kinds of websites for your news portal business purpose at an affordable price, we also provide free hosting for our clients.

For more-

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +977 9800932962 

Address: 44600 Kathmandu, Nepal