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July 27th, 2020

Travel Website Development In Nepal -Prabhu Soft

According to Recent Graph Statics, estimated growth in online travel bookings will be 268.7 billion dollars in 2020.

Out of $268.7B, Nepal is also one of them.

Prabhu soft is a leading website development Company in Nepal with years of experience in e-commerce and travel websites.

Prabhu soft has completed lots of projects including travel development websites in Nepal.

Prabh soft has been working in travel website development for years and has a huge passion for developing travel websites for you.

If you are searching for the affordable and best company to develop your travel website at a good price then you are on the right page.

web design in nepal

We are professional website development in our country Nepal.

Not only that we also offer; Application development and full digital marketing service.

The best part;

If you develop your travel and tourism website in Nepal with us ( Prabhu soft) you will benefit.

Prabhu soft not only will create your site we also will focus on mobile responsive themes and if you want from us we will also create mobile apps for your travel sites.

What’s better than that 😃 ?

What Types of  Travel and Tourism Websites Development and design Prabhu soft do?

Just basic more you will find in down content,

  1. Registration
  2.  Tour Management 
  3. Booking Management Inventory
  4.  Management Hotel booking
  5. Air Booking 


Not satisfied with keep reading you will.😃 

Why Tourism and Trekking Are Very Important In  Nepal?


As being said, According to Recent Graph Statics, estimated growth in online travel bookings will be 268.7 billion dollars in 2020.

Nepal is also one of them.

 We can’t even imagine a Million where tourism comes in a Billion, which simply shows it has lots of scope and making money opportunities in Nepal.

This is 2020, which means day-by-day our country and world is being digital every sec every minute.

Travel websites would be an enormous platform for announcing, offering, booking, buying, other things anyone can do from around the world at any time in Nepal.

Before a couple of years, the government did not support online tourism sites due to lots of reasons.

In 2020, the government started supporting travel business, tourism, and trekking online business when Nepal 2020 started.

Visit Nepal lifetime 2020 Experiences project to reach a lot of tourists in Nepal, not only the government can do without a travel agency.

travel we design nepal

Visit Nepal 2020 has completely changed the look of tourism in Nepal.

All the offline stores related to tourism, trekking, and travel companies have started developing their sites with other companies and with us ( Prabhu soft.)

The Nepal government has already said and supported and expanded the tourism business in Nepal day by day.

Which means you need to make website design and website development for that purpose.


Prabhu soft design your sites that look unique with full UI design which makes fall of international tourism sites, No doubt.

We believe in business and business policies so we spend a lot of time building high effort websites to build customer’s smart and modern business.

nepal travel website deisgn

Our website designers & developers from Prabhu soft are skilled in travel and tourism website development and had finished 120+ project-like tourism.

We develop websites in any Platform for your better experiences.


Why Tourism, Travel Websites Development Are Necessary For Nepal?gency was ready to work entirely offline.


Before, any tourism and travel a

Currently, with the event of high technological trends in Nepal, no tour agency can have one success without a web presence. 

map- designs

This is often the reason why the internet is filled with travel websites.

Here the most common reason why you need tourism, Travel Websites Development in Nepal with us,

1.Brand Personalization

A website makes your business 20x+ More profit than running offline stores.

No doubt!

A website provides you an opportunity to personalize your brand and introduce business to the audience you like.

You don’t share your services, and any information travelers want to urge on various platforms or social media. 

You’ve got a tourism website portal where everything is about your brand and services when you develop sites with us.

Isn’t it good?



Every online business is being online these days the most important is reliability which makes your website trustworthy.

Nowadays, people are very interested in researching. If one needs any product or service, they only search on the web.😍 

Likewise, If Any websites don’t have user don’t trust just as they think, “The tourism websites don’t even have an internet site. So, why should I trust them?”.

This is why website development is most necessary in Nepal if you are having crore business in Nepal and don’t have any websites;

Prabhu soft makes tourism websites easier than you think.

Don’t believe try then.


3. Client Testimonials Reviews

Another advantage of developing tourism websites in Nepal is client reviews.

People trust who has experience in working with a company more than the company itself.

You can directly add your customer reviews with video and in text format in your websites which makes your business more profitable than that.

When you add testimonials on your travel websites when other visitors come and they will see reviews of your company they become happier and trust and buy tickets from you.


Why Choose Prabhu Soft For Tourism And Website Development In Nepal?

Travel websites are enormous platforms that promote your tourism business progressing in the competition.

Prabhu soft designs the best and top possible tourism and trekking websites features for your entire business and also for Mobile application.

Travel websites we develop are completely designed for tourism companies only With responsive, and very easy to use. 

These platforms react to new technologies and it’s possible to update and make reasonable changes without having to build a new website each time.

Our Website development designer focuses full-on optimizing your websites, SEO, highlighting your featured products, and helps you to rank your websites on top of Google.

You will have access to;

  1. Effortlessly add, create, and publish tours
  2.  Manage tour packages 
  3. Manual data entry 
  4. Earn money
  5. Free Hosting only if you develop your site with us.
  6. Basic SEO
  7. Free 24hrs Technical Support


prabhu soft website deisgn services

Our Tourism Web design includes these features; 

  • Responsive Web Development
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Website Speed
  • Competition Analysis
  •  Information Architecture Design 
  • User Experience 
  • Design Website Content Strategy
  •  SEO Friendly Coding
  •  CMS ( WordPress ) and e-Commerce Integration
  •  Cross Browser and Platform Testing



What Important Features You Will Get In A Tourism Website From Prabhu Soft?

We give features on tourism websites like international websites because we have completed lots of projects for tourism sites.

We have experience in it.

These are the top features  you will get in tourism site with Prabhu host web development;

  1. Registration 
  2. Tourism People Management
  3. Booking Management
  4. Package Booking
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Payment Gateway integration
  7. Invoice Generator
  8. Reporting System


We have been giving these amazing features to our every tourism and other site clients.


What are you waiting for we had already given you all the points from 1 to 10?

Hier Us;-

Only takes a few moments and your site will be ready after you give a call to us ( Prabhu soft team will take care of your every point you say.)

What Other Trekking Websites Development  Prabhu Soft Designs?


Prabhu soft designs all kinds of websites on every platform. Our Travel Websites We design and develop Lists;



Tourism Websites




Hotel Booking

  • Flight Booking
  • Car Renting
  • Bus Booking
  • Tour Management
  • River Rafting Websites
  •  Peak Climbing
  • Paragliding Websites development





Many more depends on your queries, we develop all sites based on what you say.


FAQ: Tourism Websites Development


Q1. Is Prabhu Soft Travel Website Design And Development The Best Company In Nepal?

Ans– Yes Prabhu soft is one of the leading website development companies with completed 120+ projects regarding travel and tourism site development.


Q2.Do  Prabhu Soft Develop Travel Website For Nepal and Foreign Countries?


Ans-  Yes We do and have done lots of projects completed for foreign countries with different featured topic sites. Yes, Prabhu soft develops websites for both Nepal and foreign countries.


Q3. How Much Price does it Cost For Tourism Websites In Nepal from Prabhu soft?

Ans-  The answer depends, it depends on you only if you are having a budget then you create Powerful websites and if you don’t have Prabhu soft will help to make your site at a very affordable price.


Prabhusoft designs all kinds of websites for your business purpose at an affordable price, we also provide free hosting for our clients.


For more-

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